Don’t let the preponderance of fraudulent institutions out there frighten

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In other words, for Orzel, extreme focus and a single-minded pursuit of one goal can cause natural and explainable shortcomings in other areas. To fix the problem, and separate athletes who are getting an education just because they want to play a sport from those who actually want to go to college, the United States needs a true amateur or minor league that feeds into professional sports. The reality is that the vast majority of college athletes will never play professionally.

These entities are not recognised by any national authority in higher education although they may claim recognition by different degree awarding bodies such as accreditation mills. Don’t let the preponderance of fraudulent institutions out there frighten you away from a high-quality online education.In addition to knowing what you should avoid, you should also know what to look for in an online college. Start with our constantly updated list of the 50 Best Online Colleges & Universities 2019. Colby the cat received a Master’s Degree in Business AdministrationColby the cat earned a diploma signed by the school’s president and its academic dean.This one is fairly straightforward. If a school’s only admission requirement is a valid credit card, chances are the bachelor’s or master’s degree on offer has no value. I’m not talking about a college with a low academic bar for entry — some online schools are designed for accessibility, regardless of the GPA or College Boards performance you bring to the table.

College athletes make their schools millions of dollars, so they should naturally receive a cut of the action. This argument holds true especially for football and basketball players, who become household names during their respective seasons. The Supreme Court handed down a heavily caveated victory for elite college athletes on Monday. The immediate impact of the Court’s unanimous decision in National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Alston is that many elite student-athletes will receive additional education-related compensations, such as additional scholarship money. But the case could have broader implications and could eventually lead to these athletes being paid salaries. Many people feel that student athlete's role identity could be the cause of the difficulty adjusting into the professional world.


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While these accrediting agencies will vary in their reputation,